Our Story

The idea of Infinite Palates came about literally "away" from India when we were trying our best to get our hands on some good vegetarian Indian food - that’s when we decided to foray into the processed food market. Given our diverse backgrounds the only common ground was a love for good Indian vegetarian food which was convenient, fast and easy on the pocket.

Months of meticulous research and brainstorming later – backed with support from suppliers with robust manufacturing facilities , Infinite Palates was born in May 2016.

Several factors went into play ,

In India a great deal of importance is attached to food and eating , recipes are handed down from generation to generation and the preparation of meals tended to be a leisurely and long drawn out affair. Even a slight affliction in taste or texture is noticed, the gravy can’t be too runny, the potatoes have to be cooked just so…However times are changing ; There is little time on hand for cooking , while the benchmarks towards taste remain the same. The world is a smaller place now and globally people are not only trying but also enjoying diverse flavours and foods - Indian food is of course one of the most widely eaten and appreciated cuisines in the world.

“Infinite palates” is an attempt to bring out the home food recipes to the marketplace keeping in mind the traditional cooking methods have been carried on from one generation to the other but have remained confined to the households. With the women now taking up the entrepreneurial drive in a big way and the internet providing a great online experience, the exotic home recipes can be savoured by one and all.

Infinite Palates brings you Indian dishes cooked in the traditional manner in a simple yet delicious combination of convenience and taste. 100% vegetarian without any artificial preservatives, colouring or MSG. they are a great way to enjoy “home-cooked” food with minimum fuss and bother in the shortest possible time. Most of our products can be readied from “packet” to “plate” in less than 5 minutes.

OUR MISSION was to create an emotional connect with the customer through Indian flavours and tastes ; and to bring distinctive foods from every part of India to the world ; Make a world class product adhering to the highest levels of quality while retaining the authentic home-cooked feel.

The journey from drawing board to supermarket was long - it was only in November 2014 that we had our first foray into the domestic retail market.

The first three months were spent in gauging customer response, repeat orders and from March 2015 there was literally no looking back. Starting from only 8 SKUs we now have a varied basket of more than 35 products in the frozen and non-frozen categories. Our products include ready to eats, frozen IQF vegetables, fruit based chutneys and frozen finger foods and snacks.

Infinite Palates is now available in most large Modern Trade formats across the country - Metro Cash and Carry, Hypercity, Foodhall, Dorabjees, Westside Gourmet and of course at Pan india locations with www.bigbasket.com.

Within less than 18 months of its launch Infinite Palates products have managed to find their niche and are sharing space with industry giants.

In the meantime efforts are already on to add more products to our ever-growing basket.

The business is completely women owned.

Management Profiles

Nita Mehta: Has a degree in Chemistry and is a food aficionado whether its chocolates or Indian meals. She brings with her more than 2 decades of business consulting experience across industries. Nita started her career with setting up and running computer centres for schools and educational institutions in the eighties and nineties. This experience with training helped her in the early part of 2001, to transition to sourcing and training manpower for the booming outsourcing industry.

Her most recent role was as an Economic Development Agent working with an USAID project in South East Europe, which helps her bring on the ground experience across various geographies to Infinite Palates. She is not only responsible for ideating new strategies for business expansion and growth but also is the key to attracting new business tie ups and partnerships for Infinite Palates. As passionate as she is when it comes to her work, she is also a voracious reader, and a foodie.

Sejal Mehta: Has a degree in Commerce and is the eyes and ears of the organization with her strong networking and research skills. Coming from a business family the inborn entrepreneurial streak has helped her in successfully running other businesses in the field of HR Consulting and Corporate Gifting.

Along with Nita , Sejal too has been proactive in all the entrepreneurial ventures, whether Computer Education, Training, Human Resource or Economic Development with USAID.

Her excellent interpersonal skills as well as strong business acumen help facilitate a lot of business deals at the negotiation table for Infinite Palates.She also has a philanthropic side to her and has been actively working for social causes especially with children, the old and the handicapped.